FDA: 400 sickened by parasite in McDonald's salads

FDA: 400 sickened by parasite in McDonald's salads

While the FDA linked the illnesses to the Cyclospora parasite - a foodborne contamination associated with fecal matter - Fresh Express, based in Salinas, California, is now also on the hook. Symptoms can begin a week or more after consuming the parasite. Sick individuals can also suffer from vomiting, nausea, gas and fatigue. Symptoms can last a few days or several months. Cyclosporiasis can be treated with antibiotics.

To date, 15 states are involved in these cases of illness: Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin. After reports of intestinal illnesses surfaced, the fast-food chain in July halted salad sales at 3,000 franchises and switched its supplier.

Fresh Express says the bad salads were only sold to McDonald's and were not shipped to grocers.

"Epidemiologic evidence indicates that salads purchased from McDonald's restaurants are one likely source of these infections".

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Federal safety officials issued a public health alert earlier this week about salads and wraps distributed nationwide by Caito Foods in Indianapolis, Indiana, and containing chopped romaine lettuce recalled by Fresh Express.

On July 13, McDonald's announced it voluntarily stopped selling salads at the impacted restaurants, including Kentucky.

The FDA said the investigation into the outbreak is ongoing, and that the agency "is now reviewing distribution and supplier information for romaine and carrots".

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