Tom Hardy gets vicious in full trailer for 'Venom'

Tom Hardy gets vicious in full trailer for 'Venom'

There's also a huge fight between Venom and another symbiote. The trailer even tells you directly: "The world has enough superheroes".

Tom Hardy stars in the upcoming feature film as Eddie Brock, the host for Venom. This calls for the equally inevitable trailer breakdown, and with the Ruben Fleischer film having already been rather open regarding its use of the Lethal Protector story-arc from the comics, it's getting easier to piece together the story by the day. That is not a mistake Sony has repeated, as each new look at the movie has given us plenty of the popular symbiote. They are able to have a face to face discussion, which probably does not do much in terms of Eddie's mental fortitude.

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In any case, this trailer is arguably the best we've seen yet, as it gives us more of the antihero we really want to see.

After hearing about the exclusive Venom footage Sony showed off at Comic-Con this year, symbiote fans were pumped for the studio to release something more to the general public. And there's also the likely chance we got our very first look at Carnage, another symbiote villain long-rumored to have been a part of the project. These motives behind the symbiote experiments are made hauntingly clear now. Drake emphasizes that with the planet "on the brink of collapse", human beings have become even more disposable. Apparently, it's an evolution of the human species by way of symbiotic bonding. He isn't alone, either, as this trailer shows us that Venom isn't the only symbiote roaming the streets.

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