Scheduled routines arrive for Assistant on Google Home

Scheduled routines arrive for Assistant on Google Home

Although not ideal, scheduled Routines will certainly make your smart home even smarter. And you can select which Google Home speaker will be used, and whether you will be notified on your phone.

Google announced Routines for Google Assistant back in March this year, but the feature was released only in the United States, with those outside of the USA advised to continue using the "My Day" feature.

But today, we finally are seeing scheduled Routines in the Google Home app. We got custom Routines pretty soon after the announcement but scheduled Routines were still M.I.A. However, as with most Google product launches and updates, there are some significant caveats here.

Another caveat is that you now can't schedule the original six, ready-made Routines.

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Google is definitely moving forward in improving its smart assistant's capabilities but a large majority of users are still feeling abandoned. This isn't explained very well, but it's the Google Home device that will run the routine.

As discovered a long time ago by Cody in one of his APK teardown expeditions, you can still trigger your custom routines with your specific phrases (on whichever speaker you happen to be near) or set them to start automatically at a certain time and day on a preset speaker. But it might be worth waiting for Google to allow you to schedule the ready-made routines, if that seems silly to you.

You can choose the time, different days, and the speaker where the routine will trigger on automatically. This could also change in the future. When the feature went live this past March, only six routines with limited actions were available, but at I/O we were promised customization and scheduling would be coming later. You should see a new option to add a schedule.

Scheduled routines remove that rather arbitrary limitation.

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