Now Every Alexa Device Should Know Which One You're Yelling At

Now Every Alexa Device Should Know Which One You're Yelling At

Currently, the service only works with Amazon Music. Separately, an app has been developed to let sign language users communicate with Alexa. The technology major had launched the second-generation Echo Dot back in 2016, so it won't be surprising if an updated device arrives this year. A few images of an alleged Amazon Echo Dot has surfaced on the internet, giving us a look at what could be the third-generation model of the device.

When Amazon introduced the world to Echo Spatial Perception, or ESP, nearly two years ago, it allowed Echo devices to know which was closest to whoever was issuing a command or making a request, ensuring that multiple devices did not respond simultaneously or that one furthest away did not pick things up when one much closer would have been more appropriate. Previously, if you wanted to play music on an Alexa-powered device you could only do so using your phone - via Bluetooth, or a service like Spotify Connect - or using voice commands on the Alexa device itself.

Amazon Alexa now lets you control music from your phone on Echo speakers, Chromecast-style

The company adds that you'll need a Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription to take advantage of the feature. This is a surprisingly useful feature when you want to control the music from your phone or have playlists you want to play. Unfortunately, it only works with the Amazon Music service. This is in stark contrast to the Google Home family of devices, which have Google Cast support, a feature that allows you to stream music from your mobile device with a press of a button.

If Amazon plays its cards right, It could also help Amazon rival Google in the device-based streaming space. As per a demonstration, the Amazon Echo is connected to a laptop with a webcam that then decodes the gestures in text and speech. Notably, it is only a proof-of-concept software as of now, but it may be widely available soon.

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