Kyle Lowry's not ready to talk about DeMar DeRozan-Kawhi Leonard trade

Kyle Lowry's not ready to talk about DeMar DeRozan-Kawhi Leonard trade

"I don't think the Celtics just offered, 'You could have a bunch of our picks.' I think some of the picks they own - at least two of the picks, if not all of them - that they own from other teams, including the Kings, Grizzlies and Clippers, I think those were all in the deal".

"No reason to have a relationship", DeRozan said.

Speaking to the expectations Spurs fans should have for DeRozan going forward, the four-time NBA All-Star emphasized that he'll be playing this season with "the biggest chip on his shoulder ever". Raptors President Masai Ujiri, meanwhile, characterized the issue as a miscommunication.

"It will definitely be a date circled on (the schedule), without a doubt", DeRozan said.

It's understandable that Lowry isn't taking kindly to the line of questioning after what the Raptors management put DeRozan through.

"The way DeRozan is being, like, this ... bitter little b-ch at the (Raptors) for trading him for Kawhi Leonard - like, literally a top-five player in the league", Lucic said. What I meant to this city. It was extremely hard ... Tuesday, my reason of what I did was that to speak up for myself and leave my words out there and move on.

One day soon, this business of moving on will happen.

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CH: It caught a lot of people off-guard. "I haven't been out there. I didn't get that".

It has been a whirlwind week for DeRozan but the Compton native is finally starting to prepare for life as a member of the San Antonio Spurs. Come on man, you're still making $30 million a year living in San Antonio with no state tax. Popovich spent an outsized amount of time with DeRozan during Thursday's hour-plus workout.

According to Michael Grange of Sportsnet, Lowry's response to questions at Friday's Team USA minicamp about the trade involving his best friend was "I'm here to talk about USA Basketball". There is another quote, this one from the statistical analysis world that has made its way over to sports, that plays a huge role in the industry: Past performance is the best indicator of future results.

CH: Did you ask if you were going to be traded?

"I mean, I'm grateful. I'd never take that away from anybody", DeRozan said. That's how I am. I'm not saying, "You don't have to trade me" or ... just let me know something is going on because I sacrificed everything.

Moving on, sure, but still yet to arrive at a place of peace.

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