First lady blows bubbles with kids at hospital

First lady blows bubbles with kids at hospital

The first lady also spent about 30 minutes in private with the parents of an 8-day-old baby who was born early and will remain in the hospital for several days.

But in response to a New York Times report this week that said President Trump was "not pleased" to see Melania's TV on Air Force One tuned to his sworn enemy CNN during the couple's recent trip to Europe, the First Lady's spokesperson Stephanie Grisham fired back, issuing a statement that at once shamed the media for caring about this trivial issue and defended Melania's right to choose her own news.

Normally we'd be inclined to agree with Grisham, but considering how often Trump brings up the media, claiming that it's the nation's "biggest enemy", it's not unheard of to wonder about where the First Lady is getting her information.

All televisions should be turned to Fox anytime White House staff board the plane, according to an email between officials in the White House Military Office and the White House Communications Agency last Thursday, obtained by the Times.

"Seems kind of silly to worry about what channel she watches on TV (any channel she wants btw) or if she heard some recording on the news", Grisham said, using an abbreviation for "by the way".

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Mrs. Trump has done little personally to publicize the "Be Best" campaign around the country since she unveiled it at the White House in May.

After the meeting, Mrs. Trump went to a playroom, where she and Essence Overton, a patient at the hospital, compared fingernails. Melania Trump has done everything from take a separate motorcade to the President's State of the Union address to sidestep a public walk to the presidential helicopter in February, shortly after news broke of her husband's alleged infidelity with a former Playboy playmate.

The first lady got an in-depth briefing from medical and other professionals at Monroe Carell Jr.

Essence became excited when the first lady gave her a pink fleece blanket with the White House seal and asked how the first lady knew that pink was her favorite color, Grisham told reporters, who had left the playroom.

"She laughs very easily about everything but shows it less than I do".

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