Kevin Durant ruthlessly roasts Trail Blazers, gets into Twitter feud

Kevin Durant ruthlessly roasts Trail Blazers, gets into Twitter feud

Durant has been known to get pretty comfortable on podcasts (famously inventing the "Blog Boy" moniker on "The Bill Simmons Podcast", among other rants), and we know most National Basketball Association players are extremely competitive, so this isn't much of a surprise.

Durant explained himself further, questioning how he's the one who's called "sensitive" and "insecure" when it was McCollum who caught feelings and spoke out against him. I just did your (expletive) podcast. The move meant the Warriors now have a starting lineup of five all-stars, which no other team can match.

Once Durant settled his giggles, he brought up his appreciation for McCollum and point guard Damian Lillard but continued to express his lack of faith in the Trail Blazers.

Durant: "Why are you mad about this stuff?"

"Bro, we have the team", McCollum said.

"It gives us somebody that can score in the low post, that can demand a double-team and you can't switch on him", Durant said. I'm in the Western Conference.

"How'd you play", Durant asked again. We got eliminated by y'all a few times in the first round.

To which Durant, a nine-time All-Star, coldly replied: "You know you guys aren't gonna win a championship".

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McCollum was one of many people who was not too pleased with DeMarcus Cousins signing with the Warriors for just $5.3 million earlier this month, and he made a decision to air out his frustration with Durant.

McCollum: "We have the capabilities, anything is possible".

McCollum: "So, what do you suggest?"

Durant: "But how'd you play?"

The following day, a Barstool Sports host sparked another back-and-forth between the two players.

Durant obviously did not appreciate McCollum's tweet and fired back at him with a profane tweet of his own.

Cousins' venture should prove an interesting one - bombastic if gone wrong, but ultimately unstoppable if head coach Steve Kerr can connect the right wires that will make this Warriors team into the machine so many expect them to be this upcoming season.

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