Larry Fedora says war on football could lead to downfall of country

Larry Fedora says war on football could lead to downfall of country

Fedora believes that rule changes involving the physicality of the game will make football "unrecognizable" within ten years.

According to an unnamed general, Fedora said, the US military is the strongest in the world because the United States is the only country that plays football (which, by the way, is not true). "I fear that the game will be pushed so far from what we know that we won't recognize it 10 years from now".

Wait, the future of the United States depends on football? After his initial media session at the ACC media day event, Fedora later gathered a handful of selected media members to clarify his comments. "There's no doubt in my mind". I think, because the lessons that you learn in the game of football relay to everything that's going to happen in the rest of your life.

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University of North Carolina head football coach said the health of the game of football helps determine the health of the United States.

According to reporters Nicole Auerbach and Brendan Marks, Fedora warned that changing football would lead to the very downfall of America. I think in some ways we're struggling now more than we ever have. Still, Fedora seemed to take up a stand on this topic as well by suggesting he does not think it has definitely been proven that playing football causes CTE. Are we ever going to be a ideal country?

"We have high expectations of all of our students, coaches and staff, and we expect everyone to abide by and embrace team and NCAA rules", Cunningham said in his statement. Are there chances for concussions in the game of football - yeah, we all have common sense, right? A report from the New York Times last summer showed 110 of 111 brains of former National Football League players had symptoms of CTE. "But the game is safer than its ever been in the history of the game".

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