Stranger Things Featurette Has a Steve Harrington Update

Stranger Things Featurette Has a Steve Harrington Update

To quote Robin Sparkles, let's go to the mall, today, with an all-new Stranger Things teaser.

After announcing numerous stores in the mall - like The Gap, Waldenbooks, Sam Goody, Claire's - we get a glimpse of Steve Harrington at his new summer job at the Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Shop. Looks like Steve's found himself a summer job - season 3 will be during the summer, incidentally.

The townsfolk of Hawkins, Indiana are about to welcome a fresh face into the mix for Stranger Things season 3, and it makes for quite the casting scoop. Last year's season two trailer brought viewers hero kids in Ghostbuster uniforms and ample amounts of Dragon's Lair, and, for season three, the team has focused on another staple of 1980s American culture: the mall.

The ad name-drops a lot of '80s mall icons, including The Gap, Waldenbooks and music retailer Sam Goody. "So come on down and remember, Starcourt Mall has it all!" Stood alongside Steve in the food court's ice cream shop Scoops Ahoy, she doesn't appear to be all that excited by the prospect of starring in a commercial.

We'll just have to wait until next summer to find out more...

Joe Keery Maya Hawke Stranger Things

The date may disappoint fans as it is later than expected. It's also been teased that this will be darker than previous seasons.

The result? Expect Erica to bring "an army of friends" as she finds herself on a wild mission to save Hawkins from a unsafe and unexpected new threat.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Stranger Things are available to stream on Netflix. They won't rush things and sacrifice quality to meet a deadline.

Plot are being kept under wraps, but fans can expect another time jump when Stranger Things continues, picking up with its young characters in the summer of 1985.

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