Soon, Only One Blockbuster Store Will Be Left in the US

Soon, Only One Blockbuster Store Will Be Left in the US

At that time, Border chose to stop renewing any Blockbuster store leases, resulting in a series of closures across the state over the past nine months.

As for the fate of that store, the future looks good.

That revelation comes as a result of Alaska's final pair of Blockbusters announcing a closure which will begin next week. The stunt brought plenty of attention to the location, but the video store just didn't get the influx of business it was expecting.

In recent years, Blockbuster stores have vanished in most of the U.S. The last two Alaska store leases end in August. Blockbuster then peaked in 2004 with an incredible 9,094 stores worldwide ... and then quickly plummeted to declare bankruptcy in 2010.

The closures leave just one store standing in the US, in Bend, Oregon.

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It temporarily worked, according to Kevin Daymude, general manager of Blockbuster Alaska. Streaming has its advantages; there is a reason it has taken over the movie world. Blockbuster stuck around as a brand name after the stores closed as a streaming service called Blockbuster on Demand, but that ceased operations in 2015. By 2013, there were only 13 stores left in America. Pledging to donate the items to a worthy cause, Oliver zeroed in on two of the last remaining Blockbusters, located in Alaska, promising that if one of them contacted the show, they could display the memorabilia in their store.

The statement says both Vey and Daymude have been with the company since 1991. "I can't tell you how much it means to us".

"Thank you for sticking by us throughout all these years", he wrote.

"It's always kind of a kick in the trousers every time we close a store", explained Payne. What a great time to build your media library and share some Blockbuster memories with us. "We have thought of you as family for the past 28 years".

"I go out at 6-7 o'clock in the morning buying the new movies, getting what people want, trying to stay relevant and keep our customers happy", she told CNN.

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