Boris Johnson quits in protest over May's Brexit plan

Boris Johnson quits in protest over May's Brexit plan

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson resigned Monday, adding to divisions over Brexit that threaten to tear apart Prime Minister Theresa May's government.

Britain's Secretary of State for Departing the EU David Davis delivers a speech on Britain's security relationship with the EU after Brexit, in London, June 6, 2018.

Davis quit late Sunday saying he could not support May's plans for close trade and regulatory ties with the bloc after the United Kingdom leaves the European Union next year.

Davis's late-night resignation undermines May's fragile government.

Other Brexit-supporting Conservative lawmakers have criticised the Chequers "peace deal", saying that May's plans offered a Brexit in name only, a betrayal of what they saw as her promise for a clean break with the EU.

Just on Friday, May announced she had secured the backing of her whole Cabinet for her Brexit plan and told ministers to either back it or resign.

Traders said there was a growing risk of a leadership challenge that could usher in a new prime minister who backed a harder break with the EU.

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International Development Secretary, and one of the most committed Brexiteers in the Tory party, Penny Mordaunt, welcomed the news, but Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer cast into doubt the efficacy of the new appointee.

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Theresa May faces a mortal threat to her leadership of the Conservative Party and Government today.

While Mays plan for exiting the European Union has not be fully revealed to all members of her party - let alone to parliament, the business community or the public - the brief outline that was released shows she supports a middle way of compromise with Brussels, keeping Britain closely aligned with Europe on standards, "a common rule book for industrial goods and agricultural products".

Davis said of Mays approach: "It seems to me we are giving too much away too easily". "I believe that is what people voted for when they voted to leave and we will deliver in faith with the British people", she said.

But Davis had expressed his unease over a compromise plan right up until the eve of the meeting, writing a letter to May describing her proposal to ease trade and give Britain more freedom to set tariffs as "unworkable".

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