Artificial ovary gives hope to women with cancer

Artificial ovary gives hope to women with cancer

For women who have not started ovulating, the preservation of their ovaries - containing thousands of immature eggs in fluid-filled sacs called follicles - will be done and after the treatment is completed, these will be transplanted back into their bodies, BBC reported.

Nick Macklon, medical director at London Women's Clinic, said that while there was a low risk of contracting cancer from frozen ovarian tissue, it is a danger that doctors take seriously. When they're cancer-free, the tissue will be put right back on, the women can go through the normal process of pregnancy, then birth - they will be able to deliver naturally.

When a woman is diagnosed with cancer, she might want to consider how best to preserve her fertility, as both radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which are commonly used as cancer treatments, often destroy the function of her ovaries.

The decellularised scaffold was made up of a mix of the proteins and collagens left behind. When she is ready for pregnancy, she can opt for in vitro fertilization methods, they explain.

The findings of the study were disclosed through a research paper released during an annual meeting held by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology which provided more details about the way followed by the associated scientists to create the artificial ovaries.

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The problem with the latter option, which the American Society of Reproductive Medicine considers "experimental", is that the ovarian tissue removed could contain malignant cells and therefore, once it is implanted, it could re-introduce cancer to the body. In these conditions, the solution is transplantation of a tissue of the ovary.

Even in its early stage, the research could be a groundbreaking development in relation to fertility options for women who undergo cancer treatments.

But still, the experts say that the experiment is in its initial development stage and human testing will have to be carried out. But scientists said using the original frozen tissue runs the risk of the cancer returning - this risk is high for patients with leukaemia and cancers originating in the ovary. This scaffold she explained originates from the woman's own tissues or from donated tissues. In the end, it could restore the woman's ability to conceive children.

Susanne Pors at the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen said in a statement, "This is the first proof that we can actually support these egg cells. It's an important step along the road", Pors said. It would most expectantly take about five to ten years of rigorous work before the artificial ovaries get completely prepared for human use.

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