Apple's effort to fix Maps is over four years in the making

Apple's effort to fix Maps is over four years in the making

This change is a long time coming, as Cue said the company set out to fix Maps four years ago, and decided that Apple "needed to do this ourselves". The mapping app hasn't exactly got the best reputation among navigation right now, though it has significantly improved since Apple first launched it in 2012 as part of iOS 6.

Even so, Apple is starting slowly.

It even got to a point where Apple's current CEO Tim Cook apologized for how bad Maps was and asked everyone to download Google Maps instead, presumably to avoid any further humiliation.

Do you use Apple Maps at all?

Apple is completely rebuilding the widely used mapping application on its iPhones from the ground up with its own dataset, following a string of issues with the tool that has tarnished its quality over competitors. But moving forward, Apple wants to own, and be in control of, all of its map data, hence the interest in first-party data.

But with the new rework, Apple has built a team of in-house cartographers and gathered data from its own take on Google's StreetView vehicles to create something closer to a purely Apple solution.

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The update may finally bring Apple's offerings on par with Google's, but there is still a long way to go before the Cupertino giant can pose as a serious contender to Google's dominance in navigation technology.

Based on TechCrunch's experience checking out the work going into the next version of Maps, it seems as though Apple in typical fashion is paying attention to numerous little details needed to make its offering a worthy rival to Google Maps. Data will only be gathered when the Maps app is already in use, so the impact on battery life will be "near zero".

The iPhone company also plans to use anonymized data from people's phones to improve its maps. Finding the place and getting directions to that place.

We recently experienced this Global Positioning System bug on the iOS 12 public beta, which saw location services unable to pinpoint our exact location when using Google Maps on our iPhone X.

"For example, a road network is something that takes a much longer time to change now", he said.

The new Maps will not include a visual redesign, though. It will only collect data in bits and pieces and never know a person traveled from point A to point B. For instance, they can manually move the location of an address on the map to match up to a building's real entrance or driveway. This allows 3D identification of objects, signs, lanes of traffic and buildings and separation into categories that can be highlighted for easy discovery. More details in the full report linked below. "We haven't announced this", says Cue. We haven't told anybody about this. A preview of the new Maps for San Francisco and the Bay Area will be available next week.

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