Pokemon Go creators are making augmented reality even more realistic

Pokemon Go creators are making augmented reality even more realistic

Niantic says its system has phones communicate through local cell phone towers, a different technology from that used by Google or Apple.

In the first half of this video below, GO developer Niantic has shown a clear example of this.

Augmented reality just got more real.

Second is what Niantic says is "understanding reality", which means thinking about whether there's actually space in a room for an AR object or character, or a way for such an item to fit in naturally.

Then there's real-world multiplayer Augmented Reality.

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Hanke previously told Reuters that Niantic planned to build a 3D map of the world, a key component for smooth-running games, by tapping data gathered from the smart phone cameras of its players.

Today, Pokemon Go developer Niantic unveiled what it calls its Real World Platform, a system it plans on making available to outside developers that will make available numerous technologies and underlying systems that underpinned the mobile app that led to millions of people getting outside and trying to catch Pokemon.

At a press briefing ahead of its announcement on Thursday, Niantic executives said they had tackled two other technology challenges related to augmented reality. Looks like Apple and Google finally have some competition!

The Niantic Real World Platform aims to better understand the objects in a scene, the relationship between those objects, and what those objects are doing. Meaning, once Niantic's computer vision algorithm identifies objects and concludes what they are, putting them in context within a broader space, those objects are added to the vocabulary, making it larger, and the Real World Platform's AR richer.

Developers interested in applying for access to the Real World Platform can do so at this sign-up page. In February, it snapped up Escher Reality for its expertise with computer vision technology, and this week Niantic announced the acquisition of Matrix Mill and its team of computer vision and machine learning experts.

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