Does Jay-Z address his feud with Kanye on 'Everything Is Love'?

Does Jay-Z address his feud with Kanye on 'Everything Is Love'?

The album, titled Everything is Love, debuted on Tidal as a very short-lived exclusive over the weekend.

Beyoncé and Jay Z in "Apesh*t". In the song, the Grammy victor referenced how she has yet to release Lemonade to the streaming service.

As of this morning, Everything Is Love is available to stream on both Spotify and Apple Music. Was there really anything to be gained via this strategy?

Sources close to Nas tell us the Queensbridge rapper isn't fuming about "Everything Is Love" being released on Saturday, and doesn't think the Carters will steal any thunder from his new album, "Nasir".

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If anything, the breathtakingly short exclusivity period only serves to diminish the appeal of forthcoming exclusives.

It's been several months since a six-year-old Blue Ivy silenced her own mother and father, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, during Camila Cabello's GRAMMY acceptance speech.

"Everything is Love", however, found its way early Monday onto Spotify and rival services such as Apple Music and Deezer as well as iTunes. Specifically, she claims that she doesn't care about streaming numbers because her success can't be quantified. "If I gave two f-ks, two f-ks about streaming numbers / Would have put Lemonade up on Spotify".

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