All that food at work is making us unhealthy, study finds

All that food at work is making us unhealthy, study finds

In the study, the team found that 71 percent of calories were found among people who received free good at work.

It's no secret that cupcakes in the break room provide little nutrition. But a new report reveals that many Americans might be overindulging in snacks. They rarely included whole grains or fruit.

Angela Amico, who is a policy associate at the Center for Science in the Public Interest and has no contribution in the study, said, "Unfortunately, the diets of Americans, in general, is not really consistent with the recommendations from the US Dietary Guidelines for Americans". A significant amount, which may well be responsible for those extra pounds, especially since those are mostly empty calories - nearly devoid of nutrients, full of solid fats and added sugars. And how much calories are they exactly consuming?

According to a new study conducted by researchers in the Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the food people are eating at work amounts to almost 1,300 calories a week-70% of which is coming from free food.

The new study used data from the US Department of Agriculture Food Acquisition and Purchasing Survey, a national household study, NBC reported.

"To our knowledge, this is the first national study to look at the food people get at work", said Onufrak.

The researchers are now examining the specific foods commonly purchased from vending machines and cafeterias in the workplace.

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"Along with just offering those foods, they can promote them, make them attractive, delicious, priced competitively with less healthy foods, highlight them on menus, and put them in a prominent place", Onufrak said.

CDC researchers would also like to see calories and nutritional contents listed on vending machine and cafeteria items to give employees pause. "We hope that the results of our research will help increase healthy food options at worksites in the U.S.".

CDC researchers analyzed the food or beverages employees bought at work from vending machines or cafeterias or got for free from common areas, at meetings or workplace social functions.

As most of the food the employees received at work was free, the employers may now have to consider encouraging healthy food options at social events and meetings, said Onufrak.

"Worksite wellness programmes have the potential to reach millions of working people and have been shown to be effective at changing health behaviors among employees, reducing employee absenteeism and reducing health care costs", added Onufrak.

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