Climbing MPR Raccoon has been trapped

Climbing MPR Raccoon has been trapped

Police said they believed the raccoon would have begun its journey up the building on Monday night, and by Tuesday afternoon, it had stopped on a ledge more than 20 stories high.

Amid hundreds of photos and retweets from fascinated and frightened pedestrians, the raccoon finally came to a stop on the ledge of a swanky 22nd floor office - just one floor below the top.

"One of my colleagues spotted the raccoon on, kind of the ground floor, sitting on a ledge on Monday - it looked like a brown lump, nearly like a cat sitting there", Evan Frost told the BBC in the early hours of Wednesday. As you can see in the image below, it seems the general public may be more concerned about the situation than the raccoon is.

As the animal reached the roof of a 23-storey building in Minnesota, those tracking the hashtag #MPRraccoon on Twitter let out a collective sigh of relief. "We were all anxious about him", says Sheila Donnelly-Coyne, an attorney whose firm, Paige Donnelly, is on the 23rd floor of the UBS building.

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Shortly after 7 a.m. Wednesday, Sheila Donnelly from the law firm on the top floor of the building confirmed the raccoon has been caught by a live trap - ending the epic saga.

Tad Vezner of the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that the building's management hired the local Wildlife Management Services to trap the raccoon. This time: a wayward raccoon climbing an office tower in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Due to the building's sealed windows, rescue efforts have been futile - animal-control authorities are hoping it will reach the roof where it will be trapped.

Even people far away from the unfolding drama, such as Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, worried.

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