Has Theresa May only delayed her Brexit defeat by a few days?

Has Theresa May only delayed her Brexit defeat by a few days?

They subsequently warned they will not be easily bought off, while Tory Brexiteers urged ministers not to concede any ground.

The concession was prompted by an amendment from Dominic Grieve which demanded MPs had a bigger say on the final withdrawal agreement. Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom echoed Bercow, adding that "any threats of violence and intimidation are utterly unacceptable to the Government".

Shortly before 1.30pm on Tuesday, David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, opposed a House of Lords amendment in no uncertain terms.

However, Devon Tory Sarah Wollaston signalled that she would back Mr Grieve's amendment.

"We will be talking to the government immediately after this in order to find a common way forward".

"I would hope and am confident that today's debates and tomorrow's debates will take place in an atmosphere of mutual respect in which opinions sincerely held will be robustly articulated", he said.

Government sources signalled to the Press Association that ministers were set to back the move.

But they face a revolt by pro-EU Tory MPs determined to retain as numerous changes as possible in the legislation.

"In all conscience, I can not support the Government's decision to oppose this amendment because doing so breaches such fundamental principles of human rights and Parliamentary sovereignty".

In another chaotic day in Westminster, which saw the resignation of youth justice minister Phillip Lee in the morning, May spoke with around a dozen Tory rebels in her office minutes before voting started.

The issue seen as most likely to provoke a rebellion was that of giving MPs a "meaningful vote" on the final Brexit deal.

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"This justifies my decision to resign and makes it a lot less painful".

Due to the concessions offered, the details of which have not yet been fully revealed, two Conservative MPs - Ken Clarke and Anna Soubry - rebelled.

During Tuesday's debate, Ms Soubry told the House of Commons that a fellow Remainer MP had to be guarded by six armed undercover police officers at a recent public event.

It is thought that both the government and the Remainer group of Tory MPs consider the outcome to be a success.

"We have not, and will not, agree to the House of Commons binding the government's hands in the negotiations".

Asked whether such concessions would nowAsked whether such concessions would hamper Britain's negotiating hand, Mr Grieve continued: "I disagree with that entirely".

In a concession, the government promised that lawmakers would have a say on what to do next if there is no agreement with the European Union, or if Parliament rejects the deal offered.

"So, although Robert was trying to be very helpful from the dispatch box in the House of Commons chambers yesterday, it was the Prime Minister's personal assurance that was very important to us and she has given us that and those discussions on how we are going to build on the amendment that has been approved by the House of Commons will start today".

What was agreed was the prime minister understood that parliament wants to have a real say, in all circumstances, in relation to what's going to happen in the Brexit deal.

"However, facing the prospect of a humiliating defeat, Theresa May has been forced to enter negotiations with her backbenchers and offer a so-called concession".

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