NWHL Salary Cap Tracker

NWHL Salary Cap Tracker
Michelle Jay

The NWHL’s RFA period is quickly coming to close, and free agency officially begins on May 1. As teams look to fill their 17-player roster for the 2016 – 2017 season, Along the Boards has created a comprehensive spreadsheet to help keep track of everyone as they sign.

This NWHL salary cap tracker breaks down the salary cap for each team. The first page has all of the players and their former team, country, and position, and also tracks their 2016 – 2017 contract, the difference from their 2015 – 2016 contract and the impact on their team’s cap.

The next four pages break take the data from the first page and looks at it on a team-by-team basis. Each sheet breaks down the percent of the cap each team spends per position, the average salary of the position, and, until the 2016 – 2017 season begins, how many players have been re-signed.

The final page breaks down all players’ salaries by position, showing the total amount spent by position, the percent of the total league salary spent on a position, and the average salary for the position. All of the salary information comes from the NWHL.

Draft picks who sign with a team are denoted with a single asterisk. Returning players who sign with a new team are denoted with a double asterisk.

The Draft Tax is also factored into each teams salary cap as a separate item.

We will continue to update the spreadsheet regularly through the remainder of the RFA period and free agency.

Michelle Jay

Michelle is a Boston-based photographer. She covers college hockey and women's hockey for Along the Boards. She is also the social media manager.

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