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Coyotes Shake It Up At The Trade Deadline

Louis Domingue #35 of the Arizona Coyotes makes a save against the Pittsburgh Penguins at Consol Energy Center on February 29, 2016 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo: Matt Kincaid/Getty images)
Coyotes Shake It Up At The Trade Deadline
Sarah Hall

The Arizona Coyotes were not as active as they were last year at the deadline, but still made a few moves to help the team move onward into the future. Let’s see how things shook out yesterday.

Plotnikov To Arizona – Plachta and Conditional 7th To Pittsburgh

The Coyotes acquired Sergei Plotnikov from the Pittsburgh Penguins for a conditional 7th round pick and center Matthias Plachta. Plotnikov did make his Coyotes debut against the Penguins with 12 minutes of ice time, two penalty minutes and one shot on goal. He was one of the only Coyotes to not be on the ice when goals were scored against them.

Plotnikov was looked at during free agency the past summer before he signed in Pittsburgh. Dave King saw him play in Russia and thought he would be a good fit with the team.

Matthais Plachta was a defensive center who signed as a free agent this summer on a one year deal. He should help bolster the baby Penguins center depth.

Adding Plotinkov to the mix of defensive forwards is a very Coyotes move. The team prides itself on their defensive game, even when things are not going well defensively.

Tanguay, Bleackley & Wood To Arizona – Boedker to Colorado

The Coyotes turned Mikkel Boedker into two prospects and a roster player about two hours before the deadline expired. Mikkel Boedker was rumored to be on his way out since January, which was hard for a lot of fans to swallow.

In return the Coyotes received 36-year-old Alex Tanguay, who statistically is a bit of an upgrade.

Prospects Connor Bleackley and Kyle Wood also came back in the deal. Many believe that the main target for the Coyotes was Kyle Wood, a very large right-handed defensive prospect. The team is in need of this type of prospect. If the team does not re-sign Bleackley, they will get a 2nd round pick.

Tanguay did have a modified no-trade clause and seems to be happy to come play with Shane Doan and the Coyotes.

Tanguay was not available on Monday when the Coyotes were run over by the Penguins. Many believe he will be able to assist the Coyotes on their struggling power play. Fans will get to see him in action for the first time in a Coyotes jersey on Thursday against the streaking Anaheim Ducks.

Minor League:

Matia Marcantuoni to Arizona – Dustin Jeffrey, Dan O’Donoghue and James Melindy To Pittsburgh

Corey Potter to Nashville for Future Considerations

While talking to someone who covers the Falcons, it was brought up that the team got fleeced in these deals. The Penguins organization is getting back a player they originally had in their system and the Coyotes also sent out three contracts. They are currently sitting at 47 out of 50 contracts. Potter going to Nashville does help their defensive depth, but hurts the Falcons. Hopefully this doesn’t come back to bite the Coyotes in the prospect long run.


Yesterday could be considered a major fail in the eyes of a lot of fans. Boedker was a beloved by a large segment of the fan base, but a lot of fans were starting to get frustrated by his streaky and poor defensive play. Boedker was thought to be part of the core long term, but in the end this may be a good deal for the team.

With more of the younger players getting ready to come into the line up, shipping out pieces will help in the long run. For the Coyotes loyal it feels like the bottom is starting to fall out again (a six game losing streak and a rough schedule for the last 19 games). The team did so much better this season than many thought they would, but once your numbers catch up to you, it is hard to stay afloat. They still have a miracle chance to make the playoffs, but let’s see what happens down the road.

Overall I give the deadline a B for the Coyotes. It’s hard to say what Plotnikov and Tanguay will bring to the team, but any help will be welcomed with open arms.

  • Everbright

    I hope Plotty does well! My Pens Freinds were saying he got a raw deal under the fired Pens coach early this season, and it soured his interactions with the org. With this transfer, he may start to shine.

  • Everbright

    I hope Plotty does well! My Pens Freinds were saying he got a raw deal under the fired Pens coach early this season, and it soured his interactions with the org. With this transfer, he may start to shine.

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