CWHL Pave the Way announced, new fundraising initiative for league

The CWHL announced a new fundraising initiative, Pave the Way, a country-wide ball hockey tournament. (Photo: Michelle Jay/Along the Boards)
CWHL Pave the Way announced, new fundraising initiative for league
Hannah Bevis

Right before capping off the season with the Clarkson Cup Final between Les Canadiennes de Montreal and the Calgary Inferno, Brenda Andress met with members of the media to discuss future sponsorship and partnerships that the CWHL are initiating.

On the back of the playoff programs (in what’s quickly becoming the CWHL’s favorite way to announce new projects) the CWHL posted a picture of Calgary Inferno players under the line “Changing the face of the game,” under which was a new logo for the “Pave the Way.”

The new source of revenue was teased in an article written by the CTV News, when Andress mentioned two new sources of revenue that would be announced soon, one during the Clarkson Cup and one in later months. The article said specifically:

“Andress insists the league’s future is bright. She said a new “revenue source” will be announced Sunday, and another is set to follow in the next few months.”

The first revenue source will be a 3-month-long sponsorship and fundraising drive called Pave the Way, the CWHL’s inaugural nationwide ball hockey tournament. The project, a one-day tournament, will have teams of eight to ten players competing in 20-minute games across Canada in Toronto, Brampton, Calgary and Montreal to help ‘grow the game’ and support the league.  Entry fees for the tournament are $25 per person, and each team who joins in the tournament will have a fundraising goal of $5000. All of the proceeds will be going towards league initiatives that will help support the growth of women’s hockey at all levels.

The league sent out a press release after the Clarkson Cup Final with the news after Andress held off talking about the event during pre-game media. The release mentioned much of the same information that could be found on the new Pave the Way website, and also that “The tournament is the league’s first peer-to-peer fundraising event and will take place in early May to help raise funds to help change the face of the game by supporting the growth of women’s and girl’s hockey in Canada.”

 Pave the Way is a CWHL initiative, something brand new that the league created to help generate more revenue, like Andress mentioned previously. The project is endorsed by the CWHL, Brenda Andress, Brian Burke and a newer face involved with the CWHL, Graeme Roustan. Roustan’s profile on the Pave the Way website reads:

“I have been a Venture Capitalist and Entrepreneur for thirty years and the best investment that I have ever made was in the spectacular women of the CWHL. There is simply no better investment that one can make as the returns on that investment are astronomical.” 

Pave the Way is just an initiative in Canada, which means Boston isn’t technically participating in the official fundraising initiative. However, the Blades are still holding their own ball hockey tournament on May 8, a week before the other games.

“So we’re not really a part of it…it’s something to do with being a 5013 in the [United] States, and fundraising in Canada, so it was just too complicated to involve us on that aspect of it, so we’ll probably do something else like that that’s our own version of Pave the Way so that we’re included in that project,” said Blades GM Krista Patronick. “Our ball hockey tournament is our own tournament, just for the Blades.”

Regardless of the financial red tape in Boston, the league is taking significant steps to work with local businesses and groups in the area in order to pull off a project of this scale across Canada.

Michelle Jay contributed quotes to this article
* This article has been updated to include updated information about the entry fee and fundraising goals
  • Everbright

    This is a bit mickey Mouse for a hockey league… I mean, I hope it works, but it’s closer in effect to buying girl scout cookies than Walking 5K for a medical charity.

  • Everbright

    This is a bit mickey Mouse for a hockey league… I mean, I hope it works, but it’s closer in effect to buying girl scout cookies than Walking 5K for a medical charity.

Hannah Bevis

Hannah is the women's pro hockey editor and also occasionally writes about the women's game. She once rode a bus for 24 straight hours to Montreal and enjoys skating, running and chocolate.

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