New York Islanders introduce new mascot: Honky the Car

The New York Islanders have introduced the team's new mascot: Honky the Car, a brand new Honda Pilot. (Photo: Mike Stobe via Getty Images)
New York Islanders introduce new mascot: Honky the Car
Rob Gunther

Earlier this year, New York Islanders fans were devastated to find out that their beloved mascot, Sparky the Dragon, would not be moving with the team from Nassau County to Brooklyn. And ever since the season began, morale at the Barclays Center has been noticeably lower, thanks solely to the lack of mascot. “Where’s Sparky?” visitors to the state-of-the-art arena can be heard to lament before every game. “What do you mean, there’s no mascot?”

But much like their promise to add divisional championship banners, to keep the primary team colors, and to replace the unfortunate new goal horn, the folks at the Barclays Center have heard the fans’ complaints, and they’ve devised an ingenious solution: meet the New York Islanders’ new mascot, Honky the Car.

Our mascot is a car

Long Island fans know all too well that taking the Long Island Rail Road is the only realistic way to travel to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. And while finding a parking spot near Flatbush Avenue is all but an impossibility, there does exist one choice spot that guarantees a perfect view of home ice action.

If you’ve watched any of the Islanders home games on TV, you know what I’m talking about. Parked just behind the far end zone, seated in a spacious spectator-free area free from distractions is Honky. He’s a brand new Honda Pilot. He (or she, I guess I shouldn’t assume a car’s gender,) has been with the team since the start of the season, but only recently has Honky’s role as team mascot been made official.


There’s Honky! Honk-honk! (Photo: /u/Brocktoberiscoming via reddit)

News was leaked over at the New York Islander’s subreddit last week by user /u/Brocktoberiscoming. Following a warm reception by Isles fandom, a biography was subsequently uncovered by /u/Joppop1. Since Honky the Honda’s introduction, reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with many fans calling for a more involved role by the new mascot.

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A more involved role for Honky

Currenty, Honky’s lights flash briefly following every Islander goal. But fans would like to see Honky get loud; specifically, they’re calling for Honky’s horn to sound off – Honk-honk! Honk-honk-honk! – just like the cars in the Nassau Coliseum parking lot would following a home victory.

Further ideas for more Honky involvement include: raffling off tickets for a few lucky fans to have their seats upgraded to sit inside Honky during the game, putting a New York Islanders bumper sticker on Honky’s rear end, and hosting a meet and greet with Honky before home games.

There are even rumors that engineers are working on special modifications that would allow Honky to take to the ice. Maybe there exists a possibility for Honky to help Zamboni the rink in between periods.

Whatever his extended role winds up being with the team, fans are just content to finally have a new mascot. While Sparky can never be replaced, we can only hope that he and Nyisles are living out their retirement knowing that the team is in good hands.

  • NycHockey

    More complaining, since the playoffs ended for the team thats all I ever read or hear. We’re in second place and we have more Bruins & Sabres fans in the crowd making noise then actual Islanders. No ones supporting the team except corporate sponsors who could care less about the team, so don’t be surprised when the team gets rebranded and they become the Brooklyn Conductors sponsored by NY Lotto. We have the best team with the best shot in years and if they fail a big part of that is total lack of fan support and the gut punch to team moral over so many months of whining by fair weather posers.

    • Rob Gunther

      This wasn’t a complaint. It was a good-natured joke. It was making light humor about something that a lot of fans are complaining about.

      • Matt Ostrowitz

        Thing is, even if it started as a joke – The damn car really should do the honk-honk… honk-honk-honk after goals. That would be something the entire fan base could support!

  • ogam5

    …..GOLD, Robbie – GOLD!

  • Fred Sawyer

    Whoever made the decision not to bring Sparky to Brooklyn is a moron. Now here’s something. We have a white car and we are calling it honky. What if the car were brown or black? If the car were called certain things Barclays Center would be burned to the ground.

  • Fred Sawyer

    Don’t buy tickets from the team. There are plenty of seats on resale sights for dirt cheap for certain games such as Arizona and Florida

Rob Gunther

Rob Gunther is a blogger and writer living in Astoria, Queens. He covers the New York Islanders.

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